Hollow Marriage

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In Muvari terms, a ‘hollow marriage’ is one in which no attempts are being made to sire children or perpetuate the clan.



Felluc’s Hammer

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Sashia Felluc and her squad of Muvari were trapped in a box canyon by an army of a hundred Galbran of the Scurm Tribe. At Felluc’s direction they built a cache of rocks and rubble, which was released at one blow of Felluc’s hammer, to crush scores of Galbran. Thus to accomplish many things at once or to slay many foes at once is now referred to as a ‘blow from Felluc’s hammer”.


The Gates of Ledgrim

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Once, a raiding party of one hundred Scurm Galbran flew to Ledgrim under cover of darkness and perched on the cliff walls high above the front gate. When a Muvari scouting party returned to Ledgrim and gained entrance to the city, the Galbran swooped through the open gates and attacked.

Even though the gates were not opened wide at this time they were wider than necessary and allowed the Galbran easy entrance. Though the Galbran were killed, they slew half a hundred Muvari that day, and three of the Galbran flew deeper into the city and it took weeks to hunt them down.

After this incident, Muvari stone smiths set to the task of smoothing the cliff face above the gates so there were no easy perches, and it became standard protocol to reel the gates open only as wide as absolutely necessary.


Not an Ear Torn or a Cheek Scratched

Not an Ear Torn or a Cheek Scratched 600x512.jpg

The enemies of the Muvari sometimes take trophies of the slain by tearing the rings out of a Muvari’s ear. So the phrase ‘not an ear torn’ indicates no one was slain and no trophies were taken. “Not a cheek scratched’ indicates the fact that Galbran warriors often aim for the face of their enemies, using their bladed fingers, so this saying has also become generalized to mean that no injury has been inflicted.