Viper in the Breeches

Viper in the Breeches 600x419.jpg

This phrase indicates putting a stop to something or throwing a wrench in the gears and is derived from the tale of Ishna Yega, who is said to have successfully put a hitch in her companion wife’s plans to gain their husband’s attention for the evening, by putting a fire viper in her breeches.



Might as Well Whip a Hobranx and Call it Tame

Might as well Whip a Hobranx and Call it Tame 600x694.jpg

This refers to the story of a Scurm chieftain who captured a hobranx in a deep pit and had it whipped and starved for ten days. After this he mounted the head of the hobranx and fitted it with bridle and bit, then rode it out of the pit, claiming to all that it was tamed. Within an hour the hobranx had broken the bit and gobbled up the Scurm chieftain.


As Slender as a Shaman in a Cesspool

As Slender as a Shaman in a Cesspool 600x574.jpg

The Muvari shaman Seagher Ishtas, when they were worshiping the strange god Elkenah, once predicted the complete victory of the Muvari over a rival tribe, but only if they sacrificed there three greatest warriors upon the altars of Elkenah. The sacrifice completed, the Muvari proceeded to attack the Munothi tribe and were decimated and sent skulking back to Ledgrim, where the survivors promptly threw Seagher Ishtas in a cesspool which drained into the lava pits. They hurled rocks at him until he was drowned and swept into the pits and burned. Only a few are familiar with the story of Seagher Ishtas any longer, but the phrase ‘as slender as a shaman in a cesspool’ they are unknowingly invoking his sordid tale.