Feed for the Hobranx

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In the aftermath of a battle, the dead are sometimes left for scavengers to devour. These are referred to as feed for the hobranx. And though the fearsome hobranx, who is equipped with scythes on its arms, is certainly capable of slaying its own prey, it prefers to scavenge. This phrase also came to reference the outcome of a situation which the participants are unlikely to live through.

This phrase has come to reference the outcome of a situation in which the participants are unlikely to survive.



Sedrah: The Siren of Slaughter

Forced into the Courtesans Guild at a young age, Sedrah sought to transcend her position by winning a position with the Assassins Guild. She made few friends prosecuting the assignments of the Assassins Guild, so when she receives the assignment to kill a former ally she must make the choice between keeping her good standing with the Guild or taking the life of one of the few people in Bathos who she can trust.

Sedrah appears in the books Escape from Devil’s Head and Through the Groaning Earth and in the upcoming Dogs and Sorcerers.


Denizens of Bathos: Lothar


Lothar was a dual member of the Warriors and Thieves Guild of Bathos, paying dues to both organizations and rarely having much to show for his efforts after all dues and the Emperor’s taxes were paid.

After falling in love with Sheesa, Lothar hatched a bold plan to flee Bathos with his pregnant wife and make a life in the Broadlands over the mountains. However, the guilds don’t like members to quit their service–especially members who bring them in large amounts of coin.

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Lothar thinks he has a loophole because his contract with the guilds specifies that he is obligated until the end of time. However, the scholars have consulted the ancient scrolls and they say that time is coming to an end with an apocalyptic finality that will bring about the destruction of Bathos and the very planet…

Lothar appears in the books Escape from Devil’s Head and Through the Groaning Earth.


That Rips the Soul

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This saying originates from Galbran priests of Balbrock who perform a rite called ‘Ripping the Soul’, which involves tearing the still-beating heart out of a victim. Because of the finality of the act, the phrase “That rips the soul” evolved to indicate a finality or devastating impact in whatever matter is being referred to. Oddly enough, this phrase is used frequently by non-Galbran tribes, as well as by the Galbran themselves.


Cutting off Your Thumb to Pay the Enemy

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Above: Depicts a thumb protection device which is used by some Martian tribes.

“Paying the enemy” is a term that is used by the Muvari and some others of the Martian tribes, which means to return some of the misery that the enemy has already inflicted. These crossbows are known for their power and require levers to pull back the cable in order to fire. Levers sometimes break and a taut cable will snap forward unexpectedly, or sometimes a crossbow will be fired when an extremity is not clear of the cable, and a finger will be lost. The phrase “Cutting of your thumbs to pay the enemy” developed, which loosely has a similar meaning to the Earthling idioms “Robbing Peter to pay Paul,”, denoting an action which has little meaning because of the cost associated with it.