Aar Riley

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One of the founding members of the Guild of Technopriests, who left behind a monocle device named after her, which increases the vision of the wearer and allows them to see hidden writings, passages, and meanings.






Edge of the Precipice

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On the spur of the moment. The term ‘edge of the precipice’ is derived from the story of Dalimnus Menthus—a Muvari warrior known for her great beauty and silver tongue, who once was caught on the literal edge of a precipice by a group of galbran who planned to run her off that very cliff. She invented a tale of how she possessed knowledge of a great cache of ancient weaponry which she would lead them to if they spared her life. They did spare her life and later she managed to escape them, slipping away into a mountainous region where she claimed this cache of weaponry was hidden. Unfortunately, this gift of a glib tongue was used to less honorable effect as well. Dalimnus Menthus lied about military promotions to her peers, lied about wealth, and eventually lied about the paternity of her children and was exiled from Ledgrim for the violation of her marital vows. Her ultimate fate is unknown, but her legacy also coined another phrase “the words of Dalimnus” which means “lies.”





Violet Nails

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The Munothi clans have a pillar within each of their homes where clan members drive a violet nail each time they slay an enemy. Some of these pillars date back hundreds of years and are filled with thousands of nails. In later years, some artisans began inscribing the story of how the victim was slain upon the head of the nail. Sometimes, this description is very brief as in ‘beheaded’ or ‘arrow in kidney’ but other times it is more detailed and the story more lengthy. For this reason, certain artisans have become skilled in writing in miniature, using just one strand of hair to paint each symbol, and a magnifying glass must be used to read the inscriptions upon the nail’s head.

Someone interested in a clan’s sanguinary history might spend many months reading and making a study of the inscriptions upon these nails.


City of Munoth

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The Munothi claim their city is accursed by their goddess Carka so that none not of Munothi blood can safely enter. Indeed, once the Galbran tribe of the Scurm invaded Munoth and breached the blinding gases emitting from the rifts around the city. They overwhelmed the inhabitants and the survivors fled to the Fane of Shimguld where they gathered their strength until their numbers were sufficient that they could creep back into Munoth and take back their city. In the minds of this Munothi this ultimate driving out of the Scurm indicates the validity of the curse.